Welcome to The Civic Canopy

The many working as one for the good of all

The Civic Canopy facilitates public processes using a model that focuses on results, includes relevant stakeholders in thoughtful dialogue, and develops action plans and structures for learning from the results- all within a culture of trust and collaboration

What We Believe

Vision: The Civic Canopy builds stronger neighborhoods, healthy communities and a more just society.

Mission: The Civic Canopy designs innovative tools and facilitates collaborative processes that create the conditions for meaningful change.

We work in 5 key areas

Facilitating and strengthening engagement opportunities to improve the civic health of communities
The Civic Canopy supports organizations, networks and projects to ensure a genuine opportunity for all to advance public interest, strengthen civic engagement, and provide civic leadership to ensure Colorado’s citizens are leading and driving meaningful change.
Connecting networks to improve outcomes for Colorado children
The Civic Canopy facilitates and strengthens networks and partnerships to promote collective action toward shared results in order to ensure all Colorado’s young children are valued, healthy, and thriving.
Connecting ideas, people, and organizations through technology
The Civic Canopy is building The Civic Network, a platform for networks to share information and data to catalyze learning and connection.
Empowering people to make change in their communities
The Civic Canopy supports inclusive, resident-led efforts that lead to lasting, meaningful impact. By leveraging community organizing, authentic dialogue, and systems change approaches, residents are creating healthy, thriving neighborhoods in Near North East Denver.
Connecting networks to improve services through youth adult partnerships in Colorado
The Civic Canopy facilitates and strengthens networks of youth and youth-serving groups to help young people reach their full potential. By developing a common set of outcomes and striving for change through youth and adult partnerships, these networks enable youth to become collaborative leaders.